We’ll start at the beginning. At least for Ernest Augustus Needham. He was born in May 8th 1883 to Elizabeth (nee Waterhouse) and John Needham in Woolwich, Geater London, Kent, England. His father was a Baker by trade, and his older siblings were John F. (b. 1873), Andrew (b. 1876), Frederick (b. 1879), and Elizabeth Ann (b. 1880). They lived in Plumstead, a part of Greater London, throughout his childhood.

Birth Register

In this birth record we see the unfortunate typos that the clerk initially made a typo (he was presumed to be “Alice Augusta”, a girl, oops!) His father John Needham went in to correct this record as we see in the side note from the clerk.

Baptism record

This baptism record shows Ernest A. Needham was baptised July 8th at St. Barnabus. The address of City Road is interesting, but St. Barnabus was a distance from Plumstead although the family certainly had connections in London, but it is something to investigate further.