I added several links on the left hand side of the blog, and added categories for England Genealogy and Victorian London. I may add more categories in the near future (such as other time periods). There are so many interesting blogs and web sites out there. Wikipedia is also a very useful website, and I have found a lot about specific places and churches especially if they no longer exist.

For the past few weeks I have been working on writing entries about the Needhams in the 1901 UK Census, and will post these in 2-3 parts soon. Having young kids means editing the blog and working on genealogy at 5-10 minute spurts or during naptime. 🙂 I have recently found out a lot more on the Waterhouse and Pooley families, and am still waiting on several records for the Pooleys and Needhams from the GRO. As my budget allows I am gradually ordering BMD records, so whenever something comes via Royal Mail it is an exciting day as there are sometimes new clues from many of these records.