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On the 1901 UK Census, the older children of Elizabeth (Waterhouse) Needham: John, Andrew, Elizabeth Ann, Frederick, and Ernest were not listed as living with their mother. I will post about her somewhat confusing census record in Part Two.

Like so many families, this was a family of tight knit siblings who were involved in each other’s lives and had to work very hard to overcome hardships and grief together. It was a different time, but these things haven’t changed much at all. Andrew appears on the 1901 Census living in Woolwich, as does his sister Elizabeth Ann, employed as a domestic servant in Kensington, London. I am still searching for the other three sons, and it is possible that Ernest was in the military at the time. There are a few possibilities for John Needham, but the name is very common. If anyone has information on Ernest, Frederick, or John at this time please post a comment and let me know.

Andrew Needham on the 1901 UK Census

Andrew Needham and Mary Amner marriage record from the London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 database on London Metropolitan Archives, Saint Margaret, Plumstead, Register of marriages, P97/MGT, Item 133

Andrew Needham married Mary Edith Amner on April 9th, 1898, the daughter of Thomas R. and Mary Amner. The groom and bride were both 22 years old, and F.W. (Frederick William) Needham was a witness at the marriage. Andrew’s profession was a Machinist. He and Mary E. Needham had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born May 9th 1899. Mary Elizabeth Needham traveled to the US in 1920. Her parents followed in 1921 although I am not sure if they stayed in the states or were just visiting their family members. From what I could find they were not in the US on the 1930 Census, but of course if their daughter Mary E. Needham married she would have a different surname.


Mary Edith and Andrew Needham's passenger list (#15 & 16) from the S.S. Aquitania April 1921. Year: 1921; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_2949; Line: 16, New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

Elizabeth Ann Needham on the 1901 UK Census.

Marriage record for Elizabeth Ann Needham and Henry William Parker. Source: London Metropolitan Archives, Saint Margaret, Plumstead, Register of marriages, P97/MGT, Item 134.

Elizabeth Ann Needham working as a domestic servant in the household of Charles J. Collings, an artist who later became well known for his paintings of the Canadian wilderness. Although Elizabeth is a common name, her middle initial is used, and the age matches up as well as Plumstead listed as her birthplace. In 1903 she married Henry William Parker, a tinsmith. Thanks very much to Elaine Foster for sharing the marriage information and for the new insights on the Needham and Creed families!


They had a son, Henry William Parker, born circa 1905. In the early 1920’s the family emigrated to Arlington, Massachusetts, USA, and they can all be found on the 1930 US Census. Henry William Parker the second also lived in Arlington, Mass, near his parents and he and his wife Elizabeth had two daughters: Norma L. Parker born circa 1927 and Shirley J. Parker born circa 1929.  A couple of months ago I had no idea that Elizabeth Ann Needham ever left the UK or had a family so it is really cool to know that they lived so very close to Ernest’s branch of the family in Medford, MA, and also because I still live in Massachusetts so this far away family tree just got a lot closer to home. If you have any information on the Parkers I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment or an e-mail.



Other Surnames we will mention:

Waterhouse, Creed, Howe, Pooley, Morgan, Norden, and Parker, among others.

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