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One of my favorite parts about researching genealogy is learning more about the women folk (sorry guys). Upon receiving the copy of Ernest Augustus Needham’s birth certificate, I learned the name of his mother: Elizabeth Waterhouse. I had never heard of the name Waterhouse before in the family. And I never realized at that time how much more there was to learn about her own family tree. This is the beginning of what I have so far. It can get a bit confusing when there were so many generations of Elizabeths. I almost wanted to title this post “back in time” (forgive me the Huey Lewis pun).

Source Citation: Certified transcription of birth certificate for Elizabeth Waterhouse, Application Number COL 634256, Registered in Whitechapel, London, Middlesex, England.

Elizabeth Waterhouse was born in 1855 to Elizabeth Maria (Pooley) and William Waterhouse. They lived at 37 Worship St. in London, England. William was a carpenter and was born in 1819. He was raised in Hackney and is listed on the 1840 Census living with his father John and sisters Amelia and Elizabeth. I will expand upon the Waterhouse and Pooley families in future posts.

Elizabeth Maria Pooley married William Waterhouse at St. Paul’s parish Bermondsey in London, in 1849 (see marriage record below).

”]They had the following children: William Henry Waterhouse (b. 1850), Mary Ann Waterhouse (b. 1852), Elizabeth Waterhouse (b. 1855), and Frederick William Waterhouse (b. 1860). Below is a timeline of the Waterhouse family and brings up some heartbreaking losses that hit the family in 1860. The next posts will discuss many of the details in this timeline and give a fuller picture of their lives.

Waterhouse Family Timeline 1849-1861

1849 – St. Paul Bermondy Parish, Elizabeth Maria Pooley (age 22) married William Waterhouse (27). The bride lived on Weston St., the groom on Nelson St. in London.

1849 – September 15th, William Henry Waterhouse born

1851 – 37 Worship St. William & Elizabeth (Pooley) Waterhouse lived with infant son William H.

1852 – 8 William St, daughter Mary Ann Waterhouse was baptized at St Leonard’s Dec 26th

1855 – 37 Worship St. Elizabeth Waterhouse born

1860 – September 5th, William Waterhouse died at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, and William H Waterhouse (his son) also died of a fever within a matter of days on September 9th.

On 5 Dec 1860, Frederick William Waterhouse was born to William Waterhouse’s widow Elizabeth Maria (Pooley) Waterhouse.

1861 – 4 Axe Place.  6 Feb, two months after his father passed away, Frederick William Waterhouse baptised at private service at St. Leonard’s church in Shoreditch (age 1).

Two months later, the family is listed as living in Shoreditch on the 1861 census. Frederick William then 4 months old, with mother and sisters Mary Ann and Elizabeth. Elizabeth (Pooley) Waterhouse was listed as a needlewoman. A bleak situation for this young family, but not the end by far.


Elizabeth Needham is listed with the other siblings Leonard, Beatrice, and by this time there are two new additions to the family, Alfred Creed and Christopher. Christopher is listed with his mother’s surname in 1901, yet he was the son of Elizabeth and James Jeremiah Creed. Alfred Creed was born c. 1893 and was eight years old at the time of the census. Nowadays in modern society having kids out of wedlock is often viewed as no big deal. Placing yourself in the time period of Victorian & Edwardian England, you can imagine it was a taboo subject at the time which was probably not talked about. Relationships outside of marriage were also common before divorce became socially acceptable.

The confusing 1901 UK Census listing for Elizabeth Needham and the Creeds.
Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 564; Folio: 144; Page: 39. 1901 England Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005.Original data: Census Returns of England and Wales, 1901. Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives, 1901.
James J. Creed married Elizabeth (Waterhouse) Needham later in 1901, a few months after his second wife Mary passed away. Their marriage record contains some errors. Elizabeth Needham’s father’s name was listed as Frederick William Needham. First of all, Elizabeth being a widow named Needham, the father’s name is incorrect. Her father William Waterhouse died when she was five years old, so she may not have remembered all the details, or her husband may have filled out the paperwork. Frederick William Waterhouse was her younger brother. One of the witnesses at the marriage was Elizabeth’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth Ann Needham.
Source Citation:  London Metropolitan Archives, Saint John, Woolwich, Register of marriages, P97/JN, Item 011. London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.Original data: Church of England Parish Registers, 1754-1921. London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Library Manuscripts, London.

Sincere thanks and credit go to Elaine Foster for giving me many details on our Needham – Creed family connections. James J. Creed and Elizabeth (Waterhouse) Needham Creed were married for twenty years until his death in 1921.


Other Surnames we will mention:

Waterhouse, Creed, Howe, Pooley, Morgan, Norden, and Parker, among others.

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