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Some of my blog posts will jump around a bit, so now imagine yourself in the US in 1920. Here is the 1920 US Census entry for Ernest A. Needham and his wife Susie D Needham (formerly Howe), and children Ernest (4), Everett (4), Maurice (1), and Raymond M. Needham (4 months). Ernest was working as Sexton at a church in Boston, MA. In a previous post you can see Ernest Needham’s WWI draft card, so since 1918 two years previously the growing family has moved from Boston to Jerome St. in Medford, MA.

I think it is amusing that the census taker was a bit ahead of himself writing in “Al” (as in alien, not a citizen) for Susie’s naturalization status although she was born in New Hampshire and was about as American as one could be. 🙂 Why did it only work the other way around for women who married citizens?

Below is a wonderful photo showing twins Ernie and Everett with their mother Susie D. (Howe) Needham (standing, center), her mother Cora (White) Howe Chute (left, seated), and her grandmother Deborah (Hilt) White (right, seated). Ernie and Everett don’t look older than 2 in this photo so I would assume it was taken around 1917 or 1918. Susie was lovingly known as Grammie Needham to her many grandchildren and great-grandkids. This photo is one that I really love, because I have a similar photo of Grammie Needham (Susie) holding my sister and I many years later in the 1980’s. It really makes me feel connected to the previous generations and really brings the history behind their stories alive. I am thinking of starting another blog devoted to the Howe side of the family, which I would link here and I would discuss these remarkable women in depth.



Other Surnames we will mention:

Waterhouse, Creed, Howe, Pooley, Morgan, Norden, and Parker, among others.

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